Long term implications of Lok Pal Bill

This is an epic battle one that will not be easy, we are fighting the very people who are embroiled. Who would want to go to jail, it is not in their self interest. Being rational human beings they will go all out to protect their interests. But I am happy this cannot be quelled down, a lot of what we are demanding will not be done owing to processes.
The government has still not understood the magnitude of the mass support here, they like all fallen governments in recent times seem to be missing the bus. The issue is not one of technicalities but of public anger and despair.
I just wish we have some fruitful negotiations, with the anger swelling there is a doubt that it may turn violent and youth may be too charged up in passion. THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN. This is a peaceful protest and THE ONLY STRENGTH IS THE NUMBERS something which the government cannot handle.
I believe we will have good results.I know they will be some tapering of the language for sure but it is good to have something rather than nothing.This will be attributed to processes of deliberation.
What will happen next depends on the implementation, we are in some good leaders who know what they are fighting for I believe in their judgement.It has been heartening to see India rising up against corruption. If we do well politics will be clean , some if not all politicians will be in jail and people will have new found confidence
Will the Jan Lok Pal wipe out corruption. NO.This is not the end but the first step to eliminate it. This must be followed with Electoral reforms and eradicate the use of unlimited money and alcohol in the elections. Once we have the electoral systems overhauled we will have educated leaders who work for people and are not piling up money for their re election battles. These will be role models and inspiration who will influence the culture. If only some of these things happen we have a better India in store for the coming generations.
The Jan Lok Pal, Right to Information and Electoral reforms is good to show the magical way for the country. I believe these three if effectively used are good tools to build an accountable Indian Society

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