Minimum Income and India

Beyond politics, I am convinced Minimum Income (Nyuntam Aaay (NYAY)) is a poor idea for the country right now. We should not do it. Universal Basic Income was and is never a poverty fighting tool but a way to ensure people can fight automation. Making it a poverty eradication scheme is poor policy thought and an injustice(anyay) to capable youth who need to focus on their potential rather than such doles. UBI in principle is not aimed to eradicate poverty and if we try and do that it will harm us hard and long term. We need to focus on jobs and skills at-least for the next 5-10 years. A time may come for UBI but that time is not know and the way some economists are proposing shows their lack of understanding of ground realities in India or just an attempt to woo people with such ideas.

I stick my neck out to say it will harm the Jobs and Skills domain in India and Here is Why I do so?

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