DVabVGJ1_400x400Hi, For speaking engagements, please contact me at pratap.ashutosh@gmail.com and cc my colleague Dinesh Das (dineshcap@gmail.com).

I am lucky to have had opportunities, I want more people to benefit from whatever my work and education has taught me. Lot of people speak today without actually doing any of the things they are “teaching” other people.I try to speak only on things I have done.

In all I’ve been honored to speak hundreds of times across India in wonderful cities (Mumbai,Delhi, Chennai, Vishakapatnam, Ahmedabad etc.)  both to large crowds and very small, private groups, keynoted conferences and done one on one chats.Speaking with young people keeps me alive and reenergizes me.

I speak on productivity, skills, jobs, career choices and how to have impact. Do let me know if I can be of use. Together we can make a better future.