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While I do not want to advertise  my work, nor seek recognition for my actions. I write here to ensure my actions speak to young people, so that an example to strive for goals bigger than money and self interest. For only this, I must tell my story.

“A common man with uncommon desire to solve the key problem of ‘Jobs and Skills’.  This has taken me to different places and paths. Luckily, I have survived, struggled and have been forged by adversity.

I serve my country everyday. It is a privilege that I earn every day. I humbly and patiently try to make opportunities for young people. I work with honor, integrity and my word is my bond.

I sometimes lead and sometimes I am led. In the absence of orders I take charge, lead  and do what is necessary. I lead by example, always.

I never quit. I persevere and thrive on suffering. I have been knocked down many times, I got back, every time, drew on every remaining ounce of strength to accomplish what I set out for. I know I will never be out of the fight. My skills, proficiency, and attention to detail make my work. I also know, My training is never complete.

I train for long haul and fight to win.  I will not fail. I am called a maverick or whatever.

Its ok. I am that man”

A kind of formal bio is below

Bottoms-up (ground to policy) experience and holistic stakeholder understanding in Skills and Jobs, having worked with Central and State Ministries, corporate, non-profit, parliamentarian, National Skills Development Corporation investee Training Company, Sector Skills Council and Sharda Prasad Committee on Skill Reforms, Government of India. My work at the intersection of Government, Society & Business has provided me a synergistic and fundamental understanding of Skilling, Education, Entrepreneurship and Social Development. I like people centric, data driven approach using technology and well-grounded innovation. I did my B.Tech in Computer Science (Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology) and MBA (Strategy & Finance) from Indian School of Business (ISB) Hyderabad. I also did a program in Public Policy at The Fletcher School, Boston with classes at Harvard Kennedy School.



Which NGO do you work in ?

I do not work in an NGO as of now, i did spend 3 years working in them. It has provided me the ground understanding to work on scalable change.

Do you work in government?

Yes I work with the government. However, everything I write here is on a personal basis. I do anything and everything  to get to my mission. I do not place judgement on what to do, mopping, following, leading or working in any capacity to get to our crucial needs for jobs and skills to you. My weapons are data, sound theoretical and practical understanding and strong ethics.

What do you want to achieve?

I get asked this a lot, mostly because my work seems too different. I want to use my time and energy to solve the problem of Skills and Jobs for India. It is tough but worth a serious try.

Where have you studied?

I studied in a Government engineering college (now University) in Gorakhpur, therafter in Hyderabad(Indian School of Business) and The Fletcher School and Harvard Kennedy School at Boston. 

Some pics over the years