How does fasting make a difference

Heard about Cheer leaders, we can cheer Anna’s spirit , What provides an old man the ability to speak every alternate hour inspire of not having food for 4 days. He knows people are behind him, although he does not fear death, he knows the power of truth and has confidence on the youth of India But yes here we are more than Cheer leaders, with out us the government will let any one die. Anna himself has said it is not me who government fears but the public who will vote them out of power.
Without us nothing will work, when we fast and make it public it is spreading of the message. Let people know, Let the government know ,it is not just a prayer for our satisfaction it is a pressure tool. If the government feels things cannot be controlled they will hear us. 
There is just advice do not commit if you feel the bill does not serve the purpose. It is not only about emotions, it is about finding the best way to tackle corruption.
There must have been a referendum and public debate on it, but we sadly never have it. This is a form of public debate but rather fought by one party’s will to have it voices heard.
Cheers to you and your spirit!! Make an informed opinion and rally people

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