Is it too premature to celebrate !!

Finally the government gave in to the demands of the people being championed by Indians all across the globe.  This is a welcome development and undoubtedly a victory. It is a big one  if we trust the government. This is also an indication of the pivotal role civil society play. Had it not been for people like Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal we would lose the moral voice of the common man.

This struggle has united people beyond all boundaries, it has revealed the best of globalization, technology, principles and people’s power.

However it comes at a time when the movement could swell like wild fire and mean higher damage to the government and a grounds up upsurge on other associated issues.

Its been years since such support was seen in the streets and it will not happen soon again. Take my word, we have very few issues that can bring all of us together with the same passion.The common man will celebrate today but will really feel happy about his efforts when he/she sees some corrupt politicians being punished. What will happen next is that the common man will go back to his life. It will all fall back to the few crusaders. However the morale and the sense of action of the youth has been bettered for the rest of their lives.

The kind of enthuthiasm we displayed in the World cup and in this crucial movement needs to be sustained and made a part of our lives.We need to pick our battles early and keep that in mind, as we navigate through our regular lives.

There needs to be more informed debate on issues of public concern. We need to make policy that reflects needs and not special interests. The whole concept of participatory governance needs to be taken to the higher level in not just corruption but all matters of public life. We need to be talking more on the issues and think deeply on them. We will always need to stand up for what we think is right, and be in pursuit of what is right and not just when some one tells us. It is a continuous process we must not leave things to just the civil society members, after all, they are catalyst and we are the main players.

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