Some Fun at ISB

The fun at ISB never ceases, my room overlooks the 08 lounge and its party always. The real fun really begins from Monday when we have the Core terms starting. Too much to read. ISB has a case study mechanism of teaching, effectively it means you come prepared , profs guide you and strengthen the thought processes. If you  do not read its as good as not coming as you will not have a clue of what happening.

We will be taught Marketing Management, Managerial Economics, Business Statitistics and Accounting. Looking forward to sleepless nights inundated with cases, cases and more cases. If this was not enough the frenzy of Clubs kickstarted 3 days back, right from Astronomy, Reiki,  you name it and we have a student pool who is interested. I have my own interest areas and would stay focussed on them :))

Bye for now, Have a great weekend!!

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