Midterms over, time to chill and get back to real stuff

Time really flies quickly in this place. Its already been a month here and the midterms for the first core term just finished today. As always I am pretty clear about my takeaways at ISB on the marks front,I will do all that it takes to be above average, I need to make the most of my learnings here, after all in a year from now, grades won’t matter but the way you can apply classroom learnings in real life will matter. Although there is too much on the cards to keep everyone busy here, I find my time to do my stuff. For each class that goes by, I am trying to look at things from my angle. I wish to play with
ideas that may not be in the book, somehow i believe I will stumble upon something worthwhile. This is how I have always liked it.
I have found the professors intellectually stimulating and enjoy listening to them, on the flip side there is a lot of banter that goes around by the term Class Participation. Students are expected to speak and marks are awarded for them, its a nuisance though sometimes it adds to the class fun

Let me tell you what the subjects meant to me so far.
My favorite subject has been micro economics because I believe it is a starting ground for researching on the needs of the society. Its lucid, logical and provides a no nonsense approach to development. All public policy aspirants must really think through the nitty gritties, it will convince them about the reasons why money talks and what should be done to not make money do all the talking.

I have also read a couple of books on Entrepreneurship from the library here and found them to be a breadth of fresh air from the regular subjects.

Ok one more news is that I have almost decided my specialisations here at ISB. I leave that for a seperate post and adequate timing to comment. For now it is time to party, we have a party on at the 08 lounge to celebrate the end of 1/16 th of my MBA.

Have a great weekend!!

ps: The above pic is courtesy Manjot my study group mate, may she clcik a million pictures 🙂

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