Whats good about this place

Being in ISB is a unique feeling, apart from people with stellar profiles and awesome workex , the school itself is very different. Undoubtedly it is the best in class in terms of infrastructure , the majestic atrium, the well made student villages. I can vouch that this is the first time I have come to a school that looks and treats you like a five star guest.

The student body is very vibrant, since people come from all backgrounds, people have different interests, any time you would find a group of people doing what they love to do be it sports, dance, social issues, the school has no set rules and students team up to do what they love to do.

One of the good things about the school is the party culture, it is awesome, everyday you have a party here.Since my room is near the Class of 2008 Lounge i get to hear the music pretty much everyday.

The last must be the faculty. Profs here are gods said Alums and very soon I would be attending classes from world renowned subject experts from the most well known places in the world.

One last thing ISB has great processes in place. Indeed everything seems to flow so well, if only we could replicate such efficiency eveywhere, our country would be better than ever.

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