A bit about me

Spent early childhood in a tiny village Gairigaon(Kurseong) Darjeeling
Was the only day scholar in class,only one from the village Gairigaon boy
studying in the prestigious Goethals Memorial School and walked 15 kms
everyday to school amidst leeches.Took the toy train once in a while

Hindi is my mother tongue but spoke Nepali ,later did i realize the fact.

Jesus was he only god i knew for long ,was too confused with the large no
of hindu divine figure.

Gorkhaland national liberation movement was an everyday influence on me.

Fashion designing was my first career choice ,was in NIFT fashion design
course after SSLC ,quit to pursue computer engineering

Was the president of Sanket,Managed treasury,alumni relations,management technical and editorial board

Published signature,malaviyan,eyewatch,sanketakshar and sanket magazine

Did less of engineering and more of student affairs

Never looked for a job got one to survive

Won the tech prastuti national tech fest paper presentation in the 1st semester of engineering,got one each of four years

Know a bit of French and german

Took an entrepreneurship development correspondence course,flunked the examinations

Was 1sts runners up in tata crucible 05 came back to be 1st runners up in 06 missed the trophy in a tie breaker

CSR Drove me in TCS.

Loved being a faculty for fresh graduates in TCS

Worked on Pharmacy,health,storage and financial domain in TCS

First hand witnessing the Middle east conflict opened my eyes to development world

am a huge fan of Edward de bono

Hold 5 certifications in the finance domain from the NSE

am an avid reader,sketcher and love business quizzing

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