Relax Senior’s Home Marketing Plan- “Cheer up!! Life Begins at 60”

Relax Senior’s Home Marketing Plan- “Cheer up!! Life Begins at 60”

The “Relax Senior’s Home” is a full-service old age care facility that cares for people from age sixty and better . Relax will provide day as well as residential services to our customers. Relax will be concentrating on the upper end of the market, two income professional parents. These personally ambitious parents typically want best care for their parents and are willing to pay to have their parents attend the best facilities. Through specialized training of the support staff and innovative systems, Relax will be market leader. Relax is cutting edge in terms of old age activities and development. This curriculum, coupled with a custom designed facility and a low facilitator/customer ratio ensures a top-shelf service for the senior parents and the working children. The “Relax” expects to become profitable by month 11, and has projected 10 lakhs as the revenue for year three.

Purpose of Marketing
The purpose of Relax Seniors Home” marketing program is to make it the leader in selling high profit services to the Dharwad’s affluent senior citizens and working class.

This will be accomplished by positioning Relax as the expert in relaxation techniques and health issues, great atmosphere ,and a unique place to make the best of old age. This will accelerate operations, improve sales processes and boost product profitability.

Target markets
Our target market is the high income individuals who have old parents, couples who are too busy and out of their home town leaving behind no one to take care of their parents, individuals who cannot take care of their parents for any reason.

Marketing Arsenal
• A Web site that promotes Relax and provides resources for our clients. This will have online ordering mechanism and Tell a friend columns.
• A free monthly electronic newsletter (zine) on topics of interest to clients and prospects
• Direct mailings to follow up on contacts made by Door to Door Marketing
• Events in Religious functions like Katha,Jatra,Puja,Yoga meets,etc
• Contributing sponsorship for ganesha festival each year
• Pamphlets in Medicine Shops
• Banners in Eye care shops
• Father and Mothers Day Celebration
• Awareness Camps on Diabetes/Arthritis etc.

Our Niche
The firm’s niche is to provide an atmosphere that brings out the best of old age. We offer action-oriented sessions and make old age enjoyable and not a burden,we guarantee happiness and satisfaction.Cheer up!! Life begins at 60.

Identify our business
The Relax Seniors home team will be seen as caring, creative, collaborative, highly competent, experts in old age care.

Total Marketing budget
Marketing Budget will be 18% of fees( 50 Lakh)
Type Total in % of Fees Collected Amount
Websites 2% 1 Lakh
Sponsorships 5% 2.5
Events 2% 1
Pamphlets 3% 1.5
Greeting Cards 3% 1.5
Awareness Camps 3% 1.5

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