Innovation…a different view

Can’t agree more for the fact that innovation is the most important factor for entrepreneurs but it is important to highlight the ignored part of innovation. Ideas that work lie in between being outrageously innovative and being mediocre, a great idea is one whose time is now not the future.
Though it is important to aggresively be futuristic but the big pitfall might be the complexity of idea itself, ,my mind wanders that the perfect idea would be one that a common man can understand and make sense of while the venture capitalist can see the innovativeness too.

The excitement of innovation can make us work on ideas that are too far away from today’s world offcourse these are the ones that transform societies but such ideas should have really small practicable implementations.

It pays to say ,an idea should be simple.A simple idea is indeed an innovative one.

I know all that i say is controversial…but its just a thought i need to keep in mind.

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