Pride, Politics,Progress & selfie

In complete darkness , you see the stars. Its is the presence of darkness that is critical. Such was the political vacuum in India that it accentuated Narendra Modi’s role. Undoubetdly his presence has brought in one person who has little to take for himself. The same however cannot be said for the party he belongs which will always be torn due to conflicting interests.

Modi’s style has brought in the first phase of what he thinks people are lacking, pride in the nation, respect in the world and a peek into the goodness we all have. Selfies with world leaders adds to his and the nation’s presence, selfies with young kids endear him to people but selfies hardly solve anything. A 10 second job in individual and collective vanity. To make matters worse such is the band of his followers who do not think deep and must be in defence of whatever he does. Selfies, photo ups add little to changing real India, it only makes people feel good and rather puts them in a place where they cannot really question the PM, he has gone to their emotional system and hence logic counts little.

Great work has been done in Yemen, Nepal in army operations in Manipur and in launching initiatives for financial inclusion but we must not be blinded. Swatch Bharat Abhiyan is a great tool for people who hardly contribute, but for people who really contribute the idea looks just good for media. Celebrities will not clean up anything they will pose and feel, thats a great success but deep in villages its water for toilets that matters.It is the presence of dustbins, the presence of toilets in urban areas that will ensure people do not relieve in public.

#Selfiewithdaughter is another example, a 10 sec effort is a great move but does not attack where most needed, the idea that women and men all are equal, must have equal opportunities in education, health and decison making. Research on female nutrition suggests that women eat last hence the least as little is left in poor families. Hence #rotiwithdaughter seems a more deeper change move. There is a serious lack of depth and no one in the media seems to really question that, all are self absorbed to be on the right side of power.  What else explains Lalit modi taking his word on social media rather than mainstream media, his doubts that people would air the wrong side.

Modi has added to India’s optimism, he is the best person we have but he is just setting the stage, the actual play is yet to get live, these are just fillers but the content of development for the poor is yet to roll out. His focus on Yoga suggests it is a long term game for him not a T20 match.

I am sure he will do well, but only when his party allows and his followers understand they are people in India apart from him who are as partiotic as he is if not more.

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