Bihar- dreams and despairs

Its been a while since I wrote on this blog, partly because I became a Victim of everyday work. There are lot of things I wanted to share much from my travels then from books. Visited Bihar many times , always left saddened

1. Looks life an African capital to me, alive from those movies. No traffic lights, no coherence, no pride in human identity.

2. People I meet are generally unhappy they did not get a govt job. Sad to see this metric define human happiness levels.

3.Sad about Bihar since I expect a lot from here, every second person I meet is sharp, has knowledge but does not use it at all, that’s a big worry , sad lives, something is super wrong .

4. All said í done corruption and mai baap culture rules, no one has learnt anything and may not learn too.

5. Bihar is the most promising and most dissapointing place in India. Young stupid people waste lives to be mercenaries of uneducated politicians in the govt service. Those in service have sold all good morals long back and do nothing for ppl.

6. Bihar ppl are an afraid lot, for god knows what,  smart ppl being afraid of unsmart ppl is doom as it is Bihar.

Ps: on board a 6 hr late train in Patna, hope time meant something.

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