The colonial India of today

Well !! they came,left.. yet they never did so, they mentally enslaved us and continue to entrap us. We wake up from the coma, get small fits, look at one two issues now and then and slumber off again. The Indian public continues to suffer from colonial laws,which are not just irrelevant but in some ways against basic principles of human rights.

1. What was sedition in 1920s is still followed and looks like we are beginning to wake up after making someone suffer badly,a doctor,human rights activist  Binayak Sen’s case is a example of such a folly,destroying a family and instead of appreciating his good work booking him for sedition.If just finding literature can make you a traitor then I guess every one of us would be traitors.I have books on Pakistan, U.S, Israel 🙂
Mahatma Gandhi our father of the nation was also booked under the same law in famous Ahmedabad trial in 1922:He said this “Section 124 A under which I am happily charged is perhaps the prince among the political sections of the IPC designed to suppress the liberty of the citizen. Affection cannot be manufactured or regulated by the law.”

2.Our Mai baap culture is continues to prevail. Why do we not have better ways of taking in talent in the government services.Students slog for an exam and based on rank we provide them postings, take foreign services for e.g, How have we ensured the domain expertise needed for international relations in the exam, I could take Pali and Hindi literature and be a diplomat. This is crazy and provides some reasons for lot things that have gone wrong for India internationally, those are better left unsaid.  Is it not time to have a seperate exam for such services which actually take in your interest to serve as a diplomat or a public administrator like the U.S does. How do we really have the depth to focus on international affairs ? When we take up roles for India in such specialised fora is it the passion, the domain knowledge or just the hard work of years for the exam that should matter?

3. Why do we still have the Railway budget? When 70% of the country is based on agriculture Why not have a agricilture budget? When britishers had this their priorities were clear, they focussed on the loot and railways development formed the backbone of the loot infrastructure.

4. For  53 years after independence until 2000 we presented the budget at 5:00 pm Why because we wanted the Britishers to hear them, and pass it at their noon time.Well even in 1999 thats completely nuts, how could we do that.We forgot, did not realise it, followed traditions?? It took 53 years to understand.

5. The Indian Flag is another case. A lot of us have not really hoisted Indian flags at our homes why?  Because we were told it was inappropriate by law. What a crappy law. Imagine how good it might have been if we could really do so in our childhood. Luckily  today we have better laws,we are allowed to, but it was not granted it took individuals to struggle to get this done.

These are just few examples, some of them came up during my discussions with Kumara Guru who in Boston today, I am sure there are tons more. Why don’t we look at all of them for once and set out for better laws that actually uphold liberty, equality and fraternity in our way and really bury our past. They are gone, isn’t it really time to bury their laws for once and all.

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