Dispelling few doubts of the U.N system

A lot of my friends have asked me about the relevance of the United Nations and it being primarily in the hands of the U.S rather than working for global development.This post is meant for people who just see things from the outside and wonder why the U.N is like this, experts will find this post unscholarly and  mundane.
1. The U.N was made to further interest of the powerful nations: While the U.N does great deal of work for the world, it must not come as a surprise, it does so because more than anything else, this is what the most powerful nations want it to do. This is what Veto system means.
2. U.N was never meant to be championing developing nation’s causes: It was only a platform where all players could come together and talk on issues. U.N primary goals and intentions must always be remembered and we should not confuse it as a neutral party. The good that it does comes from the leeway super powers provide it.
3.When 80% of U.N’s budget come from the United states how can we expect to work for people who do not give in the money. Even in a family it is normally the person who earns who makes decisons isn’t it?
U.N is an extremely important organization, every now and then we in the developing nations feel it is not doing much for us. It does what it is supposed to do. We need to see its goals in proper perspective and not have undue expectations. Nothing was ever done blisslfully only for good, there are interests and there are ways nations pursue them.

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