Its been quite a while..few updates on what I am upto

Its been quite sometime since I wrote a post. I have been occupied with doing things for the most of the time .Here are some of the things we at Net Impact@ISB did ..Net  Impact Probono Consulting was launched with15+ projects.We organised BANDHAN-Grandest ever with the highest collections. We launched Idiya -Som Mittal NASSCOM came over for the launch it is indeed Bigger and better then before.We had a host of speaker sesions.Manoj kumar  from Naandi foundation on Social entrepreneurship,Bradley Googins on Social responsibility, Ramji ragahavan on Education,Dave Haliday on Solar lighting, Shreya sharan on Joy of Giving and lastly Venkat from Give India.

We are working on the careers front too.Lot of students interested in Development  careers, and we are following with Careers department for tangible results.

Meanwhile we hosted a delegation from Kwangong University, South Korea to understand Social entrepreneurship in India, exchanges such as these promote cross fertilization of ideas and are critical to our growth as a chapter.

We are working on institutionalizing volunteerism in ISB, this is work in progress as of now. Let us see how things move from here.

Term 4 is about to start and lot has to be done this term. Its fun doing all this and managing the academics in ISB. Indeed its been an awesome experience so far.

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