Prof Bradley Googins at Net Impact Talk: ISB

Prof Bradley Googins, an expert in corporate citizenship and a Professor at the Caroll School of management gave an interesting talk on the “Changing role of business in society”. He spoke on how social responsibilty is a strategic objective for business organisations in these changing times.He shared a global perspective drawing from experiences in china, Brazil and  United states.From his research he observed people expect business organisations to drive out social inequality and do more social good.This is something convenionally thought to be a government’s job, hence with changing times it is imperative on us to integrate responsibility in our business.

He spoke of how economic,social and political sectors of the nation impact people.He shed light on the stagnation issues faced by some of the developed nations today in the economy and education and how this insecurity shapes their outlook towards social responsibility.How can employees be engaged/empowered to meet these social objectives.Drawing from his research with CEO’s of American companies he has designed a staged framework that can be used by organisations to implement social responsibility as a strategic goal.A framework to measure where on the social responsibility scale does the company lie, ranging from compliance to proactive and finally defining involvement.He briefed on the the research going on in this area and the huge scope for further research.

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