Society, Politics, Development and me

Its been quite some time that I left the formal corporate sector, in the last two years I have had  diverse experiences from foundations, social entreprises, ngos to govt departments and industry bodies.If there is something to be missed I guess my class at ISB would complete it.

As known, that I am in Lucknow, and have been hearing and feeling UP politics after a long tine, In the last few days I have also have had a chance to meet people who are keen to work for social good but do not know how and where to begin, they have few ideas but also have the limitations that a normal Indian life puts on us. Anyhow I wish to put up a few things that have emerged out of these discussions.

First there is some news, the entire city of Nawab is today completely decked up in Blue, the official color of the ruling Bahujan Samaj Party party, 200 cr is being spent for a rally that will have 20 lakh people, all state departments have jobs assigned to do, i mean jobs at the rally, so its kind of rally day and no state govt work in the capital, its like a official diktat that must be followed.  Is this democracy or something else, we need to think and make our views known,

 The reason why such a sheer no of people gather for these rallies is because it is normally targeted to a population that was depressed, one that had no real rejuvenator, until Kanshi Ram galvanised them once after Ambedkar did long back.

As we progress I believe these people would get to better positions in society the reasons for coming together for indentity crisis would no longer be there. Why are the OBCs or other minorities not so tightly coupled, this is primarily because a common objective of identity crisis no longer brings them at a single footing, its no longer about mere existence but about the quality of existence for most Indians now.

The era of Mahatma was very different, he could bring people together because all of them were fed up with the English rulers, they had a singular mission- to throw out the tyrants. In this age it would be very hard for even a Mahatma to get people together

There has been a lot of debate on Mayawati’s works and actions, I have my own take on it it seems to me that “Mayawati wishes to etch her name in the history of India, civics just happens, she wishes to have more statues than the Mahatma, When our civilisation ends we will have statues  being unearthed, we will have archaeologist say only 3 legendary people were there Mahatma, Jawahar and Mayawati

On a different note I hear voices that want the country to be revolutionised, a common voice echoes-the need for sensible youth to plunge into politics.Some have even asked me why not me? indeed it is a great suggestion, I really believe having power is critical to make a difference. If you have power and good intentions then you really can do good to millions. It is only in the system where you have the chance to impact most. But there has not been great examples of middle class youth plunge in (not that I require one), But this kicks your thinking why not new educated leaders, no first generation young politician from a nonpolitical background. Does this mean anything ? I leave for you the reader to think on

2 thoughts on “Society, Politics, Development and me

  1. pady says:

    As usually a very thought-provoking post brother! You may want to re-thing about the statement “its no longer about mere existence but about the quality of existence for most Indians now.” With more than $400 million people living on less than $10 a day, it is indeed the question of mere existence for them.
    Mahatma's fight was built on an ideology of 'Satyagraha'. We never know people may connect with an ideology of someone in the near future and get together.


  2. Darvesh Mavi says:

    There's so much to do in this vast country Ashu, that it'd probably take an entire generation to be revolutionised to a single thought for any change to take effect.
    The cause that you picked is so much in need … EDUCATION, that if every Indian is educated probably there will not be left any need to bring any more revolutions.
    Plato said, democracy is the weakest form of government and after 2500 years , we in India are proving him right.

    There's one more dimension to the current state. Probably we Indians dont take pride in ourselves. We give away our rights and what we deserve very easily. Giving away is so very glorified here that giving away little comforts has become part of our lives. We no longer strive to get the best for ourselves as a society.

    Things are at there pathetic worse and we desperatley need thoughtfull leaders who can make Indians believe that they are the best and they deserve the best.

    And I do belive , that the onus of proving that India is a true democracy lies on each one of us. On those who believe that they have reasons to take the initiative and on those as well who think that that a right initiative needs to be backed up.

    Keep up the good work,

    best wishes always,



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