Mumbai Meri Jaan

Its only been only a few months since I came to Mumbai, I  got an opportunity to work on a national scale with the NASSCOM Foundation, I was given responsibility of the Connect IT programme and am fairly satisfied with how the Connect IT program has moved so far. Having finished off the NGOs training in Maharashtra I am currently working on content for Government Officers.This is indeed interesting. Come Mid March and I would be back in Maharashtra rolling this out.

My stay in Mumbai has been very happening.There has been so much of activity that I have completely been absorbed in it. I have spent almost all my weekends travelling. I have travelled to lovely places and have almost been out of office everyday.My trips  to Hubli, Hyderabad, Pune, Sangli, Nagpur, Kolhapur have been memorable about seeing a Gutka factory doing CSR in education 🙂 a small mobile shop in Sangli called Global Communications. Its been quite a time.I was lucky to find accomodation near Andheri office but in reality I have worked outside Mumbai,to be precise slept in Andheri and lived at my friend Ashish‘s place in Vashi and worked outside Mumbai.

On a personal note I have been observing Mumbai all through, I have my own likes and dislikes.Here are some I disliked Andheri for its chaos, its so messy a few days ago we had roads but looks now that they would dig it out completely and the flyover ..hah will that ever end. On the food front I have come to appreciate Vada Pav, the pet food of the Mumbai Local traveller, anytime of the day this is one that relieves you of an empty stomach. Oh when did I last have something else than a Vada Pav for Breakfast?

Mumbai perse is a place of contrasts, a visit to South Mumbai makes you feel you are completely out of the India, its architecutrally very different from the entire city, places like Vashi make you feel you are in Lucknow and while Andheri feels like you are in a factory.

Ashish told me once that Mumbai is a great place for financial professionals and I have no doubt. I second that I have never seen the love for pink papers roll out as much as it does in Mumbai Locals. Now that the Locals topic has come up, I must say locals are what makes Mumbai ..Mumbai Its an absolute leveller, there is no space for fancy  it is brute transportation and makes you thank God “for the dirty shoes but a safe you” when you get thrown out by the pacing crowd. Its always a mela complete with hymns and bhajans that soothe morning office blues.

Today as I step out to Lucknow,for a blissful one month incase my loans get a smooth passage.I would work,travel, read and meet up with old folks. I must say thanks to Mumbai for it has taught me so much.

I have made friends, met so many new people and found so much of life here. One thing that stands out and needs a mention is my thanks to God.I am grateful to god for saving my friend Gaurav Gandhi’s life, he was diagnosed with a rare disease was at the Lilavati all through my stay here(2 months).Sonal his wife has been a rock star, I would always admire her, for her resilience and courage.

Now that I would be in a much more serene place then Lucknow I will reflect back and make sense of these flying months though I know I have lots on my plate in Lucknow too.

One thought on “Mumbai Meri Jaan

  1. pady says:

    Mumbai, I must say is truly incredible. When I went to South Mumbai on Saturday, I fell in love with Mumbai; Again!
    Now that I am living in Pune after spending close to 11 years in Mumbai, my love for the city has increased many-fold!
    And yes, Sonal is truly a rock star!


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