What does Internet mean for an Autowallah?

IT has impacted us in ways beyond imagination.Recently I was on my way back from the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum. I had just checked out of the hotel and was going to Andheri. I had some luggage with me and called an autowallah.I started talking with the guy as I normally do,we talked on a number of issues including the Mumbaikar’s issue.

In a midst of our conversation he broached on a topic that interests me a lot, how has IT made an impact in their lives and what does it mean to them. He said “Nowadays every one books tickets on the internet, earlier we used to get commission for dropping them to a hotel, we earned a few bucks,now people do not ask us to leave at a hotel they ask us to leave at an internet cafe,we used to research for hotels to suit our passengers now we look for internet cafe’s nearby”

Indeed times have changed, online bookings have made a dent on the income of these autowallahs.Its not for bad its added convenience to travellers and aided in doing primary research before we embark on our journeys.

With private and government portals its not far that all Indians will make informed choices,they know where to go,where to eat, which direction to travel.Life has become so much more convenient. Its a warm feeling, convey to your maid, your peon that he can get bus ticket,train tickets all without a queue, you never know you might have introduced them to thier lives biggest learning and a new way of life.

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