Alumni Entrepreneurship Venture Board in Colleges similar to current topper boards

Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given a clarion call for Startup India so that our youth can create jobs instead of looking for jobs. Universities/colleges can play a key role in taking Startup India to young students. While many things need to be done in this regard, I propose a very small cost effective idea that improves current foundation of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

As may be known to you, every college in India has a prominent topper board highlighting the names of toppers since inception. Every year students are inspired, they aspire and work hard to be on this topper board. For alumni toppers’, seeing this board fills them and family with lifelong pride. While academics must be celebrated, entrepreneurship must be celebrated more. However, job creators (entrepreneurs) from these colleges have not got the recognition they deserve. No one knows about alumni entrepreneurs of the college until they become too famous. Young people who can easily have alumni entrepreneur role models and mentors look far away to inaccessible unconcerned or foreign entrepreneurs for support and waste time. It may help more if we could help establish connects with an accessible college senior entrepreneur who went through the same social environment as the current student did, perhaps this can guide would-be entrepreneurs in a far better manner.  

We can change this, one step at a time, but I cannot do it alone. I need your help. If we can have a “Board of Alumni Ventures” in every college on same lines as the topper board, it can inspire students, recognize unknown entrepreneurs and enhance college industry connect. This initiative requires almost no money and data collection can be done by us Jobs and Policy Skill Research ( in national interest.

We started from my undergraduate college Madan Mohan Malviya University of Technology(MMMUT), Gorakhpur and a list of 94+ ventures since 1967 (its inception) is at for kind reference. While I have made repeated requests to the Vice Chancellor of my college (MMMUT) to put this at a prominent place in college, I have not been successful.  We can’t wait; we will work at places where things can move faster. If you think this idea has merit and should be done in your almamater please write to me at or fill a 30 sec form here and we will get started. Our small steps can add up to a bigger change and improve Startup India. I will be available for anything to get this done across the country.

One thought on “Alumni Entrepreneurship Venture Board in Colleges similar to current topper boards

  1. AGNI M says:

    Great innovative move Boss . We will join hands with you in this movement .

    Need to build an ecosystem of start ups and a platform for the youth entrepreneurs to be recognised and motivated in College and Universities .

    You rightly remarks , Create the jobs instead of searching for Jobs !

    Alumni Entrepreneurship Ventures Board will ( AEVB) play a key role in this mission .

    All the best for yours team . A small group of Criminologists and Forensic Scientists from Karanataka from CFF ( CRIMINOLOGY FORENSIC SCIENCE FOUNDATION) will join hands in this historical mission .

    AGNI M Criminologist
    Founder – Chairmen


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