A Board for Skill Development in India

downloadA lot of people keep asking me- you worked on a report and you know reports lead to nothing. Perhaps I cannot disagree, while my heart wants to. One of the point mentioned in our report was to create one board to oversee all assements and certification in the country. I am sure sooner or later this will happen.  Recent news items on the issue , shows it may happen in couple of months. So finally some things are moving.  Here is the Mint news report and excerpts below.

“The cabinet is likely to approve the proposal for establishing the regulator by August,” the second official said. Once the body in place, it is expected to do the gap analysis of all the 13,000 plus ITIs, the skill programmes run under the national skill development corporation and the industry collaborations and certifications system run by the sector skill councils (SSCs).

“There is a growing feeling that there are too many SSCs and they need to be streamlined. The new body will look into that and see whether there is a need for all the sectoral and sub-sectoral SSCs or not,” said the second official cited above.

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