Orientation sheet for Taste Entrepreneurship Movement

Team member:Select a team member with complimentary skills
Product: Select a product that people understand need and will buy without much persuasion and has good profit margin
Product/Service Development: Choose a product based on cheap sourcing, your skills and clear market need.
Investment generation: Remember cash generates cash
Pricing: Price a product that ensures good profit and is within buying capacity of target customer
Place: Sell the product at a place where you can get multiple consumers at one go
Strategy: Think hard on how you will you sell and follow it
Negotiation:Negotiate from a position of strength not from a weakness
Deal closing:Close a deal as soon as it serves your minimum threshold mark
Reinvestment:Reinvest your profits in the same or new product, do not let cash be idle
Marketing: Aid your product by catchy advertisement that catches people attention
Medium: Sell product by all mediums available direct to people, to sellers, via online or offline
Payment: Do not settle for payments later as soon as you sell, take the payment
Restrategize: If things do not work leave it,  try something else
Taking help: Take help of family friends, relatives anyone you think can help you
Profit Sharing:Share profit between partner and you by the amount of effort put by both
Good will: Do not compromise on your good will
Ethics: Do not give false promises to customers, play the game fairly
Best of Luck!!
Work Hard to be the best team in college, this is the first taste of entrepreneurship !!

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