Delhi elections: whom to vote whom to not

1. AAP Vote because

1. Clean money
2. Need to be promoted to ensure check on Bjp after congress is too powerless
3. Has selfless volunteers, they brought young to politics
4. Made their stand clear and joined politics
5.Made mistake but admitted
6. Its the tadka in politics the spice of Indian politics
7. Will help them grow which is good for Indian politics

Do not vote for AAP because

1. They need to do dharna, with central govt of Bjp there is no way things will be easily granted to them
Not a smooth ride for them due to allignment issues with centre.

Vote for Bjp because

1. Allignment with centre govt
2. Modi govt policies maybe fastracked

Do not vote for Bjp

1. Where are funds coming from
2. There will be a tussle for leadership, cannot escape this.
3. Weaker opposition in india overall .no party will question their wrong,AAP will have a long way, may loose relevance

Vote wisely , but do vote, your choice makes delhi and democracy stronger !!

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