Political party vs movement

Most of India against corruption supporters are people who dislike/hate politics, they are people who can contribute in spurts of anger but do not have the spirit of political cadres, Arvind kejriwal’s attempt for a political party is welcome step but in the short term looks very hard to be a difference making reality.His audience-the youth is an impatient group who wants to see quick changes. However 5-10 years down the line if the resilience continues it would surely be a force to reckon with.
While they may win 1-2 lok sabha seats on account of the anti-corruption media coverage and the actions of the current government,but the ideological difference between a party vs movement is a huge setback. Kejriwal’s attempt looks logical, a much needed step, it speaks of an impatient reaction that any crusader is bound to take sometime or the other, when all he sees is a deadlock. However the reality of an election is different, fighting an election would show them why netas are the way they are. they make every day decisons which would bewilder them,everyday ethics tests,friends and allies who maynot be upright and inevitably compromising the ideals of any sane/educated individual.
Good people having political ambitions is a good sign for the country and Arvind must not be potrayed as the one selfish guy.I personally think there is a need for a political role for young educated Indians, but converting the movement into a party will not work. Politics has its way which goes far beyond the imagination of the movement. A more grassroot movement from villages is required to change politics, since it is they who tide the scale and actually elect governments.Social media youth votes add but do not decide the course.
The best thing that can happen now is that Ram Dev and Kejriwal come together to make a party. This can work since Ramdev appeals to a much wider audience and compliments Anna’s movement.Organically the Anna team would get a new set of leaders who steer the movement to a much focussed path of truth and course correct Kejriwal when his compulsions overwhelm him.It can be the much required moral guide and people’s force, providing support and channelizing the youth energy to a political goal. This adds pressure to the current framework both as a party and a movement.In this way the movement has a political voice, but is itself largely neutral allowing new people to jump in the path of righteousness.
Who knows in the next 10 years the relationship of Anna movement to Kejriwal party would be similar to the one between RSS and the BJP, sans a tint of religion.

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