FAQ: Jan Lok Pal Bill misconceptions

1. Has Anna Hazare been pushed?
Corruption has been on Anna’s agenda for long.He pressed for legislating an Act for Right to Information. The first campaign for RTI was organized at the Azad Maidan, Mumbai, in 1997. He went on fast-unto-death on August 9, 2003 at Azad Maidan, Mumbai. He decided that unless the Act is passed by the Government, he will not end his fast; rather he will sacrifice his life for peoples rights.
The Government of Maharashtra felt that his resolution is firm and He would not step back from his decision of ‘do-or-die’. On the 12th day of his fast, the Government of Maharashtra got the Bill signed by the President of India and enacted the law of ‘Right to Information’ in Maharashtra. 
2.Who will be Lok Ayuktas, will it not breed corruption itself?

Eminent means people from civil society, retired judges basically people who are clean and demonstrated accountability? What does it mean
“The Lokayukta should be a multi-member body consisting of a judicial Member in the Chair, an eminent jurist or eminent administrator as Member and the head of the State Vigilance Commission as ex-officio Member”
3.Lok pal will be a unparalleled concentration of power?
This is like the Election Commision, have they not served well for India?
“independent of the judiciary, executive and legislature and analogous with that of a high judicial functionary. He is mostly free to choose his investigation method and agency. The expenditure of the office is under Parliamentary control”
4.Why this bill will create an institution that is less corrupt?
Any complaint against the officer in Lok pal will be investigated and dismissal in 2 months. We could well say will the RTI not be similarly corrupt, optimism prevails we can have a uncorrupt Lok pal.
5. Fasting unto death, at best, is moral coercion

Based on personal choices and circumstances, but it is democratic, government has a choice to ignore, what would happen if people did not support, it would die down.
6.Next time people will fast for small things.

Unless there is public support no one would pay heed, people have died of self immolation without great success, it is not about our emotions only it is about people’s opinions. Its a choice we have do we identify with the cause, if we do,support else do not.
7. Does making civil society as member of committee set bad precedent?
We have the National Advisory council is it a bad precedent ? Here we talk of corruption and hence there is a panic reaction.
Please make an unbiased informed choice!!

One thought on “FAQ: Jan Lok Pal Bill misconceptions

  1. Niteesh Bihade says:

    Hi Aushotosh Bhaiya, I attended one of your workshop at NASSCOM apnaIT at Nagpur in December 2009.

    I thank you for giving a wonderful insight on the Lokpal Bill.

    You are setting a wonderful example for youngters like me.

    Even I had missed to know many key points about the Lokpal bill and was slightly skeptical about the protest thing.

    You answered so clearly.

    Thank you. wish you all the best for your work.

    – Niteesh (I am undergraduate student of BTech(Computer Science))


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