Its been quite a while since I really wrote something interesting. Yes I am enjoying the ISB experience, its been very different for me. I was deep in rural settings (ah when I think back …so much so that what is really normal, in all places is actually a luxury in the most parts of India,can think of hundreds of instances Diet Coke in Hubli 🙂 ) and here I came to an International Bschool. It feels good that I kept faith in times few would, happy perhaps that I followed a singular vision no matter where it takes me. By the way would love to go to Africa if given a chance 🙂

But then I have loads of things to do as of now, ISB has a Net Impact Chapter and a lot of conventional social wisdom prevails here, not that I do not value convential wisdom but I think India today needs revolutionary business acumen to solve critical social issues.The Manmohan Govt recognised this pretty clearly by appointing Nandan Nilekani for the Unique Identification project.

Its exciting if we could get our hearts and minds and attack these issues. ISB is a pretty young school and I hope in the long run will  create leaders who questioned the status quo and made things possible from thin air.

Over the several weeks in ISB, I have been thinking on ideas that I can work on,I seem to sleep with them and in the hurry flurry of academics here it has been an issue to focus and think through them, but then I was never into academics perse so hope things will smoothen a bit.

One thing that really props on my mind regularly is the learning on I had the hard way, the need to focus as much as possible, the ability to seperate meaningful from faff and show.

Infact I remember Naveen saying that, for a Social Entrepreneur: you work silently all the year and maybe you become visible for your contribution, one fine day, incase you are lucky. For all those of you who are silently doing what you feel will make a change, this take from me, your efforts will see the way. Do not look at set processes of doing thing, its ok if you do not have an degree, its just critical thinking thats important. From what I have picked in ISB so far is the ability to think better.

Its interesting to learn from great profs I liked game theory a lot and am keen on Global economics this term, I really wish to share these at places where they would have never heard of, or may potentially never will have a chance to. John Nash breaks all notions of what normally people think of schizophrenics.

 For social entrepreneur the ability to understand the macro perspective is critical for making a judicious opinion.Many times it is not the lack of passion but the lack of understanding that makes our lives difficult.

Btw I just see the reader count of the blog, its gone up to 6000+ readers. Thanks readers for sparing time to read what I write, will try to write more frequently.

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