Off to ISB, Hyderabad

At the onset, I would like to thank all readers who have made this blog what it is. Thank you so much!!.Over the next one year I would be in Hyderabad at the Indian School of Business. For the uninitiated ISB is one of India’s premier Bschools, it wa ranked 12th in the Global FT rankings and is the only Indian Bschool to achieve this feat.

This post is meant to inform that over the next one year there may be a change in the context and content of this blog This blog will have lot of content from the happenings at ISB, Although the focus on using professionals skills to impact the society will remain as one of the core elements of the blog, yet some additions can be expected from my learnings there.
 I do not want to make this blog a daily MBA diary, but I with frequent posts this will sum up my MBA experience. I hear that time will be as scarce commodity, but I am sure I would be regular just for the love of blogging and as they say, one always makes time for what he likes doing..

This pic is from one of my earlier visits to ISB, Hyderabad

As of now, all my education loan formalities have been completed and yes have lots to share on the experience. For students wishing to deal with PSU’s for loans please bear in mind that they work their way, please be patient with them, there is no way out. There indeed is a lot of scope in making them efficient you can start with it when your loan is sanctioned, suggest them then, but not before that 🙂

One of the things I am absolutely thrilled about ISB is the student body, my interactions with them at Mumbai and Lucknow have been precursor to the immmense richness of experience the group has. Indeed a chat at the coffee post will be as interesting as one in the class. Wow!! I am looking forward to it.

Today would be my last day in Lucknow, I really have been a nomad now, hopping places like anything,after Karnataka , Maharashtra now it is Andhra, they say something called a comfort zone, since the last 2+ years I know I have had none and do not seek too…

Stay in touch keep visiting!! Incase I can be of help drop me a mail. Wish me luck!!

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