NASSCOM India Leadership Forum experiences so far

This is by far the biggest confluence I have ever attended. Its an delight to be at the NILF. Even though this is a business conference it has been interesting to see the social development being highlighted in every panel discussion. There has been tremendous interest in the NASSCOM Foundation’s work.

The NASSCOM Foundation Social Innovation Honours were announced on the 1st day.Its been really good to see Gouri(my colleague’s) effort see off in such a fascinating way.Maharashtra Chief Minister gave away the awards reco

I have been asked to tweet and blog about the NASSCOM Foundation’s work and it has been interesting so far, except when I do not get network connection of my docomo no is the hall where I find something really tweet worthy.

I also attended a tweetup my first so far and it was a great experience.

I have never seen so many industry stalwarts together, it is indeed a great learning experience.The relentless focus they have and the thought process really inspire me.

Tomorrow we would be having the Global CSR conclave, expecting to see a great turnout.

One thought on “NASSCOM India Leadership Forum experiences so far

  1. Anan says:

    Great to see that NASSCOM lays emphasis on social development issues. Kudos to it!

    However the point remains that CSR has had not received great press as far as I know. Even I have seen myself big reputed companies 'working'for not so well opff people. The interesting thing was that companies do not work for 'others' unless and until they see their own interests there.

    I could not say it better but their definition of 'social responsibility' is rather narrow.


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