What is it in for me?

Over the last two years I have been asked many times by a lot of people on Why do I do all that I am doing.What do I get from all this?
To be very honest I am just a normal youth who loves a good life, infact I cherish in having goodies in my life, think of the latest mobiles phones to buy,the sleekest plasma to adorn my room and live in luxury. But they are questions that I sometimes ponder on and these questions have provided directions to my life.

Coming from an IT Industry backround, an Engineering degree I thought hard on issues that plague the country and what can I do to make things better

One of the most important things is the reach of IT. With so much things being developed why has the IT revolution not reached the grassroots of the country? This country has always missed apolitical and irreligious connectors, we have not had someone who can bet his life to do just this, we need people who really believe in providing an opportunity to everyone and make IT work for all.
I have been working on this belief system, although I share a love for new technologies I fit best in generating a mass IT revolution for the other half of the country, who deserves everything but seldom gets anything.

3 thoughts on “What is it in for me?

  1. Ashok says:

    i do appretiate you sir and salutes your passion.Because very few people do this kind of work,spetialy ur frm it background so the concept of providing IT education to the grassroots of the country Is very innovative and its working really so i wish you reach the new hights and all the best. thank you


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