apnaIT-Deshpande Foundation Technology Fellowship

apnaIT-Deshpande Foundation is launching a month long technology Fellowship starting July 09,this fellowship intends to strengthen the IT Skills for professionals working or planning to work in the social Sector.

apnaIT assessment in working with non profits in Sandbox area leaves little doubt that due to lack of technical skills social development organisation, schools and colleges face problems to deliver quality products and are left behind in reaping the benefits of Information Technology that the other India is taking huge advantages of.

This one month rigorous programme is meticulously designed for in the social sector, non profits,schools and non profits.It includes hardware troubleshooting skills,MS office skills,desktop applications,Internet application,productivity software skills and exposes the participants to cost effective open source alternatives for everyday work efficiency

The application form can be got from apnaIT, Deshpande Foundation,BVB Engineering College, Hubli for Rs 100/-.The cost of programme is Rs 9000/- 50% scholarship would be provided for the first 25 selected fellows.

After the end of the fellowship it is expected that fellows would have technical skills that can drastically improve their employment skills. apnaIT would also absorb the best performers in their organisation. Placement tieups are being undertaken currently to make sure fellows get opportunities to improve their career.

Incase you wish to recharge your career or know somebody who wants to in a month,this fellowship is the best opportunity possible.Please contact fellowship@apnait.org for more information or call 9008459501.Incase you wish to visit us online at http://fellowship.apnait.org or physically at apnaIT,Deshpande Foundation,BVB Campus,Hubli-31

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