Some reflection

Its been a while since I have had some free time for some reflection.The Deshpande Foundation’s building and Kulkarni Memorial Building is being innaugrated today by India’s most eminenent personalities, Narayana Murthy,Sudha Murthy,Abdul Kalam,Gururaj and Jaiyshree ,MP kore the head of KLE’s Society all have come down to grace the occassion.Since our office today is a fortress I decided to stay back set some of our company’s processes in order and reflect back.
Things look better than it was last week.We now have some computers on rent,we have some clients and we have work to sustain us for the next one month.
Everyday seems to a day when we strive to accomplish new things.We learn,unlearn and develop new ways to do things.Its exciting but at the same time it is critical for us to take singles and doubles and wait for the loose delivery to hit sixers and fours.
Our house looks like a chawl we have six people all working for their own social ventures.Its a struggle for everyone of us.We have tales of frustation and joy to share everynight.

I am also reading a book “How to change the world” graciously gifted to all participants in the development dialogue by Ashoka…everyday i flip a page or two and then doze off for the next morning.

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