9th of Jan 09

I came back to Hubli on Jan 9th after an extremely hectic trip to Lucknow.Trying to convince a middle class household of quitting a well paying blue chip job for working for rural people has been extremely daunting and is still an everyday challenge.
Anyways I was mentally prepared and owned every decison I took.I got my bike from lucknow to delhi and from delhi to Hubli…a painful experience.As soon I I got down after 3 days in sleeper compartment I went to get my bike.To my amazement I saw my bike vertically placed in the luggage compartment and knew instantly that I may not be able to use the bike soon. With all luggage on bike I started looking for an mechanic shop at 8:oo in the morning.I knew I would have to wait for time to tick to ten.

I finally got my bike made and headed to where …I did not know where am I supposed to go …I had arrived but I had no address to go to …

I had continue this next time around I gotta get to work else u know what happens to a guy who has no money??

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