Challenges for Hari-ya-Ali

Hari-ya-Ali has picked up a great deal and we are now moving to new places after Nruptenga Betta we have started to protect plantations done by Dr TapaShetty in the PC Jabin college campus.
But challenges seem to come just as sun comes up everyday.
Just after we protected the plants by circling it with thorns we see a huge mass of cattle coming inside the campus,i was shocked,a college campus where cattle is grazing and no one is really concerned,the warden seems not to care about it.
All said and done we will pick the issue up with the authorities asap and get the stuff settled I have my ways of dealing with it after all thats why I am a social entrepreneur and not a social worker.
Have a look at the desperate attempt by buffalos the destroy some of the plants we planted.
Who is responsible?
1.We ,did we plant at the wrong location,well No since this is inside the college campus and is out of bounds for cattles
2.Cattle owner-No since he knows their is fodder and nobody is to blame him for a free meal
3.Warden-Well partly yes it is his duty to make the place a study home not a grazing ground
In anycase I leave the query to you,Juts a pointer its not a man vs animal thing in most places it is normally a man vs man thing.

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