Bangalore -not for IT

Last week i was in Bangalore for an Impact Study on Sathi’s work ( had a hectic 5 day could manage to see Gourav at Iisc and Mohit on Sunday 1:00 am thanks for the back ride .GK is doing wonders he is the new Iisc chess king …i am proud of the feat dude.
I visited NIMHANS Deptt of Psycho Social Care( aha and had a few inputs on my work.I also went to apsa

I am back to Hubli after a journey that needs some time to settle down.I have a backpain now…may god be kind and it gets better soon.

By the way we returned with reservation in the Intercity express but spent all our time between two train bogies …ya I am a lost soul.I had the perfect journey with fragnant chameli flowers to boost my senses .

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