The Google way:Bharat Ram’s R&D India Head’s Style

  • Only 7% Indians know the English Language Imagine what the Internet means for rest 93%Almost all Internet Users have disposable Income
  • Out of 200 billion webpages there are only 20 million Indian Webpages

The digital Divide is due to:

  1. Absence of Content
  2. Barriers to access
  3. Lack of Contextually Relevant Applications

Google offers what user MEANT to ask not what user asked

What can we as individuals do to bridge the digital divide?

  • Be involved in Translation
  • Understand Information that they need and deliver them
  • Communicate,Collaborate and Raise their awareness of technolgy at their Disposal

Non Profit sector suffers from

  • Problems of Scalability
  • Inherent Systemic Issues
  • Work like their are in Prenetwork age


  • Revenues will follow if the idea is good
  • Hire the very best
    The job of technolgists is to make jobs simple
  • We must not need manuals
  • So what if the poor cannot read or write they can look for Audio and Video

Three things that make Innovations

  1. A bottom Up approach
  2. Rewarding people even if they fail
  3. No Bureaucracy -It kills Innovation.

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