Spotlight on Mental Retardation

Mental retardation has specific causes

Before Pregnancy

Mother’s Mental and Physical ConditioonDepression and a sense of learned HelplessnessI can’t do it

Anxiety of what will happen

Nutrition all affects the child,She needs double food for child and Herself

Iodine is crtical to her dietIf mother is on Unprescibed diet it affects the child
During Pregnancy

Half attempted abortion results in mentally retarded child

Papaya and Bitter Guard are known to help abort pregnancy

xray also affects the child

Minimum brain damage is caused by forcible delivery

Hypoxia-Low quantity of oxyygen by twisting of umbical chord

Prolonged delivery results in loss of fluid that smopthens delivery
After Pregnancy
Babies with meningitis ,encephalitis become high risk
Retartdation is a condition not a disease.So there is no question of curing it

Mental Illness can be cured
Mentally retarded children can be mentally ill and not viceversa

If a drug is used for more than 1o years for ementally ill they start falling in the retarded category.

Marriage is not advised for retarded and a great care must be taken for compatibility

PWD Act Equal opportunity equal dignity equal education
Switzerland is the only country that is completely disabled friendly

Person with special Ability is the preffered way for special children

.They are now governed by National Trust and now nominate a person ,Their rights are better managedNational trust members are legally binded.The child is given a Health card.Railway concession,air travel,bus passes.

The Ministry tof Social Justice and National Handicapped Finance development corporation for self employment of more than 50% disabilityInterest rate 3% repayed after 5 yrs of sanction

Cerebal palsy is a centralised exaggerated reflections,Spastics Total Limb contraction,oral cavity normal Intellectual.They are just deprived of mobility and hence more emotionalThere is a national spastics society and each state has one

Lets all join hands and Take care of our brothers and sisters who have been just a bit unfortunate…which we we had an equal probabilty of being but were a just lucky that day when god was making us.

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