Mr Murthy’s Talk

1.We live in an Extraordinary era .The era after 91 where we have now sufficient in Grains and food but still lack in many areas.
320 million people cannot read and write
250 million do not access to water
750 m illion do not have a acceptatble level of sanitation
50% of primary schools have 1 teacher for 2 classrooms.
2.The youth rocks becauseWe aspire to reach to the less privilegedWe desire to leave a legacyWe are not happy with the pace.
3.The sense of confidence we must have is that we can make an impact
4.Solutions to most problems lie in the mind.
5.We all must say to ourselves ,I will not be apathetic and Will a step.After the fellowship Murthy felt we would be a better rounded person
6.The end value of power, money and education has to be to make society much better.We are the very very few people who have been fortunate to get a good educationAt some moment in time our grandchildren will ask ..What did you do when you had the enthuthiasm and power to make a difference.We fellows can tell them more forcefully than any other successfully than anyone else If we work for the society.
7.The problem with the government is that we have underemployment with no accountability.To make a road we need 18 agencies who just refuse accountabilityIts funny that there is no tax on dividend be it 5 rupees or Billion dollars

Main reasons for bridging digital divide
1.No disposable income
2.Low economy of scale make expensive products

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