This is what Desh told to us

1. Being naive is good.Do not just reason and find solutions for everything
2.Its important to fail.Its just unescapable.
3.In the non profit sector orgainisations nevr die,since the people who they cater do not have buying power.The whole sector becomes inefficient.
4.US has $300 billion worth of non profit entreprises.
5.The same business of quarterly results really everywhere.
6.You got have two things conviction and passion
7.Something isn’t right kill it
8.If something is not worth working for leave it.
9.Take binary decisons 0 or 1
10.Excitement is everything
11 Biggest opportunity lies in IT in development
12.Build seeds and move on to the next venture(this was reply to my question)
13.Life is like juggling balls.Take care of the crystal balls.
14.Have an attitude that says Its not really bad,Look for the opportunity.

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