The laid back resort:that’s kerala for u

Well,it has been a journey i have cherished..keral looked stunning with its coconut greenery..I found it particularly exciting to have a look right from the top.Having reached here on Onam day has been another great experience…saw an amazing sight in one of the backwaters ,a girl in complete costumes dancing to the music of Bharat Natyam(am i wrong is it called something else)..she was there on a boat roght there in the middle of the water body..splendid site..perhaps,the beauty she exuded can just be felt rather remembered.Kovalam is the the best place..beautiful as ever,it humbled me once again ,the vast sea looked so so big that i felt tiny and rather powerless.
Am looking forward to a nice stay in kerala ,will have to amalgamate some teaching sessions in between,will kick that off with a session on Requirement analysis tomorrow,it ought be nice as i seem not to have forgotten all that i learnt two years ago.


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