Enjoy the ads in the sequence. (BMW -> Audi -> Subaru)

Apparently, BMW had decided to send a goodwill message to Audi – with a twist.

Audi responded in the same tone. (However, their PR folks didn’t do their homework properly – Audi had won Le Mans from 2000 – 2006, except for 2003. Bentley won Le Mans in 2003, so much for six “consecutive” years. Incidentally, BMW had won it in 1999 with a prototype, after which they had decided to quit Le Mans!)


Out of nowhere, Subaru decided to jump into the game – with their own twist. Their PR folks might be awaiting the pink slip for the most horrible homework – BMW had won 4 “Engine of the year” awards in 2006 including the overall winner (a V10), whereas Subaru had one just…..one. In fact, BMW had won more EotY awards in 2006 alone than Subaru had ever won!

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