Business Quizzing:You do not win the silver you lose the gold

So very correct,we came near to be the Pune Champs for the TATA Crucible 2006 Pune rounds but were not to be so ,we lost by 1 point and were Runners up…oof what a feeling can’t really express dismays of a penalty loss.
Well photos will be with me in a couple of days if junta at Mumbai and Pune act swiftly ,i am really dying to put them on the blog.Looks good to have pics with big sized cheques,sort of makes you feel as a cricketer does.Well have returned back to work,which as always is mundane sans excitement,no real challenges no real stuff to prove here!!!! I am thirsty but do can’t help it.One other fronts have lined up some real things before my birthday 20th July.May God be with me.

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