The Journey

It has been a journey that has stretched too far,bit of prolonged in the sense that over the years gone seldom have i thought anything else but this .it now is all known that i have not been able to get to my one and only goal that of getting into the hallowed portals of IIMA till now.Everybody who I was with have gone ahead, some in school have passed,juniors have enrolled and friends have seen countries but I have been on my only mission with nothing to show except shadows of hardwork a few mock scores and loads of study material.
It has been a dissapointing ride,frustating at times and with goads od bashes from friends and foes.Some questions do prop up
Where will this end,all my sacrifice,all my hardwork,all my knowledge will it ever show up in this world or will i be left behind in this mediocre humdrum of so called corporate life waiting for onsite oppurtunities and salary hikes that come once a year.Honestly I feel let down by myself ,my heart refuses to buckle down ,my mind reminds me that there is nothing that an eligible candidate must have and that i do not have.People have starting raising questions on my ability and my worth ,should that bother me?It does but should that make me lose my focus on my goal,I am not prepared to do so .I will fight,fight till I see the light of the day.Till I am able to establish that i am good enough .That the journey is far from over,infact i will rest at milestones but will not stop till i reach the gates of IIMA-My dream.

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