Ban Sex Determination

As per the census, there are 958 women for 1000 men. Because, more than 1 million female foetuses are aborted every year. Wake up before it’s too late. Ban Sex Determination.
Its doing the round like any other sting operation does,yet in this case its not politicians making money but the god’s personified-doctors showing them the art of perfection.With a focus on small towns this horrifying story aired recently called “kokh main katl” a rather dramatised name for the entire footage is a sure sign of our ugly,hypocritical society .well forget the name let be it that way but still you cannot deny what you see ,doctors asking would be mom’s, pennies to kill their foetuses,bizarrely suggesting places to bury it,and then unashamedly carrying out the murderer’s task to perfection.These people are not ignorant people ,untouched and uninformed,these people are not quacks they went to premier medical colleges may have studied there but learnt nothing,there aren’t even male hell bent on incensed mission ,they are mostly female gynaecologists making sure girls do not come up ,such utter lack of concern ,i am dismayed and saddened.Its a sad story but only a hint of reality ,a shadow to the real India where female foeticide is still very much a routine affair ,it is still a back corridor job, rampant inspite of the laws more so due to the inlaws(pun intended) .
Where does this lead us ? that’s the question we need to ponder on.There are still villages where people buy girls for marriage , villages and villages have no girls at all,there is no social life, trafficking of girls flourishes like a normal ritual.Its alarming,its infact sad and inhuman both at the same time.
You find it shuddering ,i do .I do not intend to pose a picture of a treacherous nation out to make the female species extinct ,yet i do intend to give you a chance to introspect and think of the future that’s in store one that will be crafted all but by our actions .
Its about the nation that is to come.All those cries in the womb,all those high talk we do but seldom practice.

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