Random musings

Had a chat with a few friends at the CCD on titters bitters of the world ..
here is a snippet

nitin:that airtel ad is good nice one
all chirp in exactly it is very nice that one finger can ,two can …

my tag on it:well it is good infact very good creatively but i believe it does not serve the purpose these airtel guys want ppl to talk more onthe phone right or show symbols and not talk ,infact it erodes the very concept and is conflictory to the purpose
everyone:yes that’s right
nitin:but u remember it
me:correct ,that’s what saves it from going against aitel the brand recall vaklue,the emotional value is too much to make a dent on the way i think ,though what i say is correct but who has the time to think all about it that 15 sec ad ..its better to think of mallika or jeniffer.

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