A sureshot way to waste your sunday night

Sundays can be boring or fun ,yeah it all depends upon what you intend to do …of all possible ways there is one sureshot way to make it seem heavy then work..hah simply if you arein Lucknow ..i warn you ..just step out for SaharaGanj and you will find truth behind all that I think.Swarms of people rushing in as if the mall is all for loot and that everything is there for free,ppl standing with food waiting for others to evacuate seats and then pounce on them ..ladies showing frightening signs on the escalator,obese girls screaming for fear of esaclator running viceversa trimming them to normal ha it was all brouhaha and confusion all over .I felt stupid to have come there on treat on a friend’s selcetion to the presitigious Delhi School of Economics.
To top of it I was amazed to see couples romantically involved in such a conundrum ,for heaven’s sake i would call it a fish market and am still figuring out how dare people come on sunday to have a nice time.
All set and done malls are an amazing symbol of the emerging economy that India is but very far away from the peace and calm i desire on a sunday night ..

I dare not go there again on Sundays any other day I am game for it.

lots a love

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