I have begun

Had a nice time all these months..now i really feel it is peak time to start off i know it becomes difficult when you see later that you whiled away your time all these while.
Frankly speaking i believe i have in me what it takes to be in IIMA and i know one day i will be in IIMA till that time comes i must not lose heart and continue to persevere.
One of my friends got a final call from IITB and IITD and was jubiliant …one has to after all he rubbed his ass for a hell of time being reprimanded by ppl in office all the while ,now he is the boss and for sure he is gonna leapfrog into a better world…I congratulate him on this he deserves all the goodies.
Reverting back to my way of things this DI will be my strength area this year…I have begun everything afresh ya i have and will shed all my skin ..i have enrolled for the CL correspondence course ..and yes will follow it to the core.Other than that I know that this will be my last chance at the MBA scene in INDIA .Between the time i will do all that iima needs for i belong to that place..its a dream and i shall chase it!!!!!!!!!!!

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