This is what I can do at this moment of time.I failed badly at whatever exams I took this year, don’t know why ?I have begun to doubt my capabilities as a manager or entrepreneur for i sometimes feel i don’t have what it takes to be there.There are good talented people all round i know ,i am also one of these people sans any talent.Maybe I do not fit he bill or that God is testing me.I do not know.All I know is that All is not over.I still have a chance.After months of confusion I believe it is high time i recollect myself and start doing rather than saying,but again a thought comes i did a lot what came at end of it nothing nothing at all,not even a single ray of light it was all dust and dust.I feel ashamed now that I did well in mocks and what not but that all seems to be bullshit for i am today a loser ….well i am pessimistic sometimes circumstances make you so but i Know that even if i am an idiot ….i still must try and I will for I CAN

One thought on “Introspection

  1. Tushar says:

    this ones really cool sir..nice blogger u r man..wats up really inspired seeing u fighting college as well outside…n i kno one day its just goin to b ur day…best wishes..

    tke cre..Tushar


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