The new year ahead

Its been an eventful year for me have seen in a year what I could never imagine 2 years back. Right fro struggling to market the products to non profits to spending nights thinking and working its been a time that I will always cherish.

Now I frequently travel and get to many places taking IT skills to grassroots non profits. The rewards are clearly there IT is integral to enhancing efficiency of these non profits. Be it in any sector we are finally warming up to the explosive work of IT applications for CAUSES.

I will be spending some time this weekend reflecting on what I did, what can I best do.

I am sure the coming year would take my work to another levels, would get a chance to meet new people and finally make things happen on a larger scale. I hope I would be in a position to contribute globally to ICT4D efforts.

My best wishes for you on this new year. May all your dreams come true!!! Happy New year

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